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Luno south africa office

luno south africa officeLearn about Luno's Johannesburg office. Search jobs. See reviews, salaries & interviews from Luno employees in Johannesburg. Luno Office Photos on Glassdoor. Cape Town office. Luno Office Photos. Cape Town office - Luno - Cape Town (South Africa). Luno photo of: Luno fun; Luno.

The opening of the Africa flagship is accompanied by a considerable recruitment drive as Luno continues luno south africa office attract best-in-class talent.

Luno south africa office

luno south africa office In addition to building out the Africa coverage team, the Johannesburg office will also be home to a brand new engineering team. Luno is currently recruiting for over 30 roles in Johannesburg, with additional roles expected as the business expands into luno south africa office African countries.

Luno south africa office

The business currently services over two million customers spanning 40 countries worldwide, sustaining its buoyant growth.

With a robust population of over 1.

Luno south africa office

Following on from the success in South Africa luno south africa office Luno is the leading cryptocurrency wallet, the Nigerian operations were established in grin wallet address Since then the business has gone from strength to strength responding to the growing local demand luno south africa office a safe and easy-to-use cryptocurrency platform with a strong focus on making cryptocurrencies accessible through education.

We will be investing a significant amount of capital and luno south africa office into our African expansion over the coming months and years.

Luno south africa office

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