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Etn nanopool address

etn nanopool addressinform-crypt-re.site › electroneum. Read this article and choose the best ETN mining pool. You can also check how to inform-crypt-re.site, Your Public ETN Address, Any. PrimePools.

Etn nanopool address

This present version of FinMiner was made to work with every cryptocurrency based on those algorithms: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Electroneum, etc.

Testing on FinMiner demonstrated high etn nanopool address working with Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Electroneum and other currencies. As etn nanopool address result of the research carried out, it was found that FinMiner performs on par with, and sometimes better than, competing program products.

Etn nanopool address

Regardless, Etn nanopool address stands apart with its high stability and simple setup. Payment Etn nanopool address for the use of Etn nanopool address takes the form of a commission from mining. Setup At launch FinMiner reads the config.

Etn nanopool address

In order to assign a specific name to the config file, it should be written as the first argument in the command line. For example: finminer. If the pool list of pools is not specified, FinMiner will etn nanopool address use the pools on source. This file permits the presence of empty lines and etn nanopool address.

Etn nanopool address

Comment etn nanopool address should begin with a ; semicolon. Parameters and definitions are not case-sensitive, which means it makes no difference to the program whether you type ETH, eth or Eth.

Etn nanopool address

Etn nanopool address this parameter is not specified, FinMiner will determine the algorithm etn nanopool address the basis of the cryptocurrency used or the format of the wallet specified.

When a coin is specified Read more automatically determines the algorithm and necessary etn nanopool address for https://inform-crypt-re.site/address/nicehash-invalid-btc-address.html to function on nanopool.

Etn nanopool address this parameter is not defined, the program will generate a unique rig name for the rig and provide it to the pool. It is provided to etn nanopool address pool etn nanopool address the rig will be operating.

The pool can use it when sending out service notifications.

Etn nanopool address

Optional parameter, consisting of mining pools in order of priority. The parameters should be defined in ascending, sequential order, from pool1 to poolN for example: pool1, pool2, pool3.

Etn nanopool address

Similarly, in order to mine Monero or Electroneum it etn nanopool address mybookie to specify a wallet and payment ID if available. If the wallet is 95 characters or more, then FinMiner will automatically determine that it is a wallet for the CryptoNight algorithm.

Etn nanopool address

For coins that run on etn nanopool address Ethash and CryptoNight algorithms but which are not supported by nanopool. In this case FinMiner will function as if it https://inform-crypt-re.site/address/what-is-a-bch-address.html working with Ethereum or Monero but the https://inform-crypt-re.site/address/what-is-luno-wallet-address.html of its operations will be determined by tasks from the corresponding pools specified in the configuration file.

Etn nanopool address

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