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Terraria npc happiness

terraria npc happinessNPC Happiness is a new system that was added to Terraria as part of the recent update, and it rewards players for housing the game's. Terraria happiness. Your NPCs rely on living in close quarters with another NPC they like, as well as in their favourite biome. If NPCs are very.

Terraria 1.4 Journey's End NPC Housing, Happiness \u0026 Pylons Guide!

KaiserYoshi said: Terraria npc happiness whatever it's worth, I've terraria npc happiness the change valuable.

I want to build towns with decently-sized buildings with a nice buffer between them, so I can fit plenty of decor. The pre I do agree with Garak that it's not obvious click counts as "nearby" and what doesn't in this system.

Terraria npc happiness

I think a way to visualize the neighbor-check region would satisfy a lot of the unhappy folks, though I don't know how terraria npc happiness would be implemented. The more you like someone, the less you mind them being around.

So for the crowding check, you'd keep terraria npc happiness current distance threshold for hated NPCs, but as you go up through terraria npc happiness, liked, and loved, the closer those NPCs can be be terraria npc happiness they source a crowding penalty.

Terraria npc happiness

Here, the more you like someone, the farther you're willing to terraria npc happiness to see terraria npc happiness. This continue reading, bonuses become easier to earn and penalties become harder to incur, while still requiring that thought be put into how the houses terraria npc happiness arranged.

Terraria npc happiness

Click to expand The town search radius should be reverted. Terraria npc happiness the following: On a Small or Medium world especially since Medium is an ideal world for a small multiplayer worldwith that block radius, you'll wind up with a lot of overlap between surface and underground housing.

This actually makes it harder for those who want to just casually enjoy the game, or build a base in terraria npc happiness case, because there just isn't much you can do with a block combined radii searching for each other and making everyone unhappy.

Terraria npc happiness

The 50 block terraria npc happiness for nearby NPC happiness checking is okay, but should be shortened a bit though.

Lakmoots said: Terraria npc happiness Why not simply decrease the detection of other NPCs and remove the extra penalties? Terraria npc happiness add a larger detection terraria npc happiness for towns when all the other systems you added mitigated or destroyed it?

Terraria npc happiness

For the love of Terraria npc happiness See my previous posts. Wider town detection radius is bad, not good. Larger town NPC detection is fine, but block town search radius causes a lot of problems in Small and Medium worlds when it comes to surface and underground bases.

Or I dunno.

Terraria npc happiness

Which means, you couldn't actually have them as "neighbors" but like have to terraria npc happiness sure they live in the same house I mean, that might be not balanced with them would have a terraria npc happiness detection ranged for disliked neighbors, but if you want to make NPCs happy you will try to move disliked NPCs farther and if some builders want to make the NPCs terraria npc happiness and also build them separate houses in a somewhat spacious town, why to give them a penalty?

Several terraria npc happiness were complaining that the happiness system interferes with large castles.

Terraria npc happiness

terraria npc happiness They increased town go here radius terraria npc happiness and nearby NPC search radius 50 blocks. You can have them as neighbours, I had https://inform-crypt-re.site/account/how-to-set-up-bank-account-on-bittrex.html perfectly fine setup before terraria npc happiness my hub world.

Terraria npc happiness

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