- 31.01.2020

Babb banking licence

BABB is planning on securing a banking licence and offering its customers a full UK bank account that is not so different from the one you'd get. U.K.-based BABB announced it will be holding an equity crowdsale to cover the costs of obtaining a banking license.

Prospective investors can register now to join the sale and buy shares in BABB. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies poised to revolutionise the financial services industry, the recent popularity of initial coin offerings ICOs threaten to leave traditional VC and angel investors behind.


In holding an babb banking licence crowdsale, BABB is one of the few companies in this space to offer a slice of the pie to equity investors. Babb banking licence banking licence will have ownership, voting and preemption rights.

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Along with shares in BABB Group Ltd, the parent company which owns subsidiaries including BABB BNK, the entity seeking to become regulated, and BABB Ltd, the software development apk babypips developing the app and blockchain platform, investors will be rewarded babb banking licence various perks depending https://inform-crypt-re.site/account/create-steam-wallet-account.html the size of their investment.

The money raised in the crowdsale will be used to the fund the Bank of England's minimum capital requirement which BABB must provide in order to obtain a banking license. The BABB app will babb banking licence a suite go here exciting features, including the ability to open an entry-level account using just face and voice recognition; make instantaneous and low-cost peer-to-peer transactions within the platform; request payments; and exchange between currencies.

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The platform will also babb banking licence the ability to exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies in a separate app. BABB bank accounts babb banking licence babb banking licence superior blockchain-based security to protect customers' money.

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By using a federated blockchain, BABB will also implement a privacy by design mechanism which puts customers in control of babb banking licence personal data patent pending. With increasing consumer here around financial security and the protection of data, BABB babb banking licence to focus the product launch on this unique aspect of their offering.

To join the sale, you can register now to receive a copy of the business plan and a link to invest.

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