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Hostgator wordpress install

hostgator wordpress installChoose a hosting plan 路 Register a domain 路 Complete the HostGator order form 路 Install WordPress 路 Setting up your site 路 Set up an SSL 路 Install WordPress plugins. Choose Quick Install. In this WordPress installation guide, we will be using the QuickInstall method on Hostgator to install WordPress. This is one of the easiest.

In this tutorial we will learn to install WordPress on HostGator. PHP version 5.

Hostgator wordpress install

If you are getting the lastest version then it's an awesome deal. Database like MySQL version 5.

DIY guide for Installing WordPress on Hostgator

Running Apache or Nginx. Using cPanel you can easily setup databases, hostgator wordpress install email accounts, upload files to your server. You can also install and manage SSL certificate and make your site secure. Which hosting plan to buy?

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If you are hostgator wordpress install out then you can checkout HostGator Linux shared hosting Starter or Hatchling plans.

Hostgator wordpress install are hostgator wordpress install and provide sufficient compute power to run your WordPress website or blog.

Hostgator wordpress install

If you are only going to host one single domain then check out their Hatchling plan. If you want to host multiple domains down the line then go with Baby hostgator wordpress install.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator in 5 Minutes

So, go ahead download and unzip the WordPress package and join hostgator wordpress install in the next step. Login to your HostGator cPanel using the server credentials. Your cPanel Database section may look like the following. Hostgator wordpress install like the following. Now follow the given steps to create a database for your WordPress site.

Step 1. Step 2.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator (2019)

Create Database Users In hostgator wordpress install step we have to create a database user for the database. So, go ahead and fill the database user name. The database user that you will create in this step will have access to your WordPress database.

Hostgator wordpress install

So, when WordPress code will execute it will use this user to hostgator wordpress install data in the database. I prefer wpdbusr as my database username as it stands for WordPress Database User. Feel hostgator wordpress install to use any other name you like. Set Password for the database user Hostgator wordpress install enter a strong password or generate a strong password for the user.

Once done click hostgator wordpress install Create User button.

Easiest Way to Install WordPress with Hostgator

Don't use weak password for the database user. Try creating a complex hostgator wordpress install using uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and digits and https://inform-crypt-re.site/2020/top-20-cryptocurrency-2020.html 12 characters.

Step 3. Add user to the database In this step the user we created in Step hostgator wordpress install is added to the database we created in Step 1.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator in 2020 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Go ahead and tick the All Privileges checkbox and click Next. You have to hostgator wordpress install the database https://inform-crypt-re.site/2020/monero-mining-profitability-2020.html all the privileges for it to have complete WordPress database access.

Step 4. Complete the task You have successfully created hostgator wordpress install database and the user.

Lets move to the WordPress configuration step. WordPress config.

How to Install WordPress at HostGator

Now we will configure WordPress. Open the unzipped WordPress directory that you downloaded earlier. Hostgator wordpress install it you will find wp-config-sample. Rename it to wp-config.

Hostgator wordpress install

Now, open wp-config. Find the following section in the wp-config. Go ahead and set the value that you used while creating the database.

Hostgator wordpress install

For this example lets assume we have the following details. Hostgator wordpress install the values correctly in your wp-config. Upload WordPress hostgator wordpress install Now you have to upload all the WordPress files that you have unzipped along with the modified wp-config.

Hostgator wordpress install

To login to your HostGator FTP account to upload hostgator wordpress install use the credentials that was provided to you at the time of signup. Generally they provide the FTP login details via email hostgator wordpress install you signup. If you are unable to find it then contact their support team.

Hostgator wordpress install

Upload all the files there. Fill in the details and click on Install WordPress button. On success you will get a similar result as shown below.

Result You can now visit your WordPress website 2020 raiblocks blog by going to your domain.

In the following image I am showing my WordPress blog site landing page. hostgator wordpress install

How to Install WordPress 鈥 Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial

On success you will land on the dashboard page. Alright, we have reach the end.

Hostgator wordpress install

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful. Please share this with your friends if you find my work useful. Have fun blogging. See you in click at this page next this hostgator wordpress install page.

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