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Profit trailer feeder wiki

profit trailer feeder wikiThere are quite some documents on this wiki that help you on that. You need to at least do the basic setup in the inform-crypt-re.site file and the inform-crypt-re.site Be sure to read their wiki too. PT Feeder saves your settings using the ProfitTrailer api so needs to know this location to know where to send the generated.

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It is a power tool, that works nearly completely from the command line. Make sure you are safe enough to handle your operating system good enough and that you profit trailer profit trailer feeder wiki wiki able to edit configuration text files without breaking them.

It doesn't have its own interface.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

It generates configuration for ProfitTrailer. For details on that please see How PT Feeder works. You can get it the runtime from here.

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The SDK will also work. NOTE Anything higher than 2. PT Feeder profit trailer feeder wiki not been upgraded to use any version of dotnet 3 or above yet. Microsoft has different selection of Linux choices there so take the one that fits your Profit trailer feeder wiki. Linux Linux we're mostly using Ubuntu Visual See more Code is highly reccomended as it highlights any json errors whilst editing your config.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

The zip file is something like pt-feeder-v1. Grab the URL and download the package using profit trailer feeder wiki or whatever fits you best. Unpack https://inform-crypt-re.site/2019/cryptocurrency-sign-up-bonus-2019.html zip file and copy it to a location of your choice.

You need to make yourself comfortable with how PT Feeder works.

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There are quite some documents on this wiki that help you on that. You need to at least do the basic setup in the hostsettings.

What Is Profit Trailer Feeder?

Both can be found in the config folder. Each of both has its own page on here.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

Check the navigation to the right to find your way. Once you have your basic config done come back here and continue. In there run: dotnet pt-feeder.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

Look closely at it click see what it profit trailer feeder wiki.

Maybe you will get some errors. These can relate to licensing issues or any other mistake you made on the config file.

Try to parse this https://inform-crypt-re.site/2019/neo-price-forecast-2019.html and see the navigation on the right for Common known Errors before you ask support for help. Only continue if everything went well so far.

If you get any errors you need to solve them first. Install PM2 process manager for ease of use.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

Install Node. See the PM2 manual on profit trailer feeder wiki details about how pm2 works.

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You don't need to navigate to the folder again. Just type pm2 status from any folder in your terminal. A column named ID with the ID next to your pt-feeder will be visible. Type pm2 status again after making it wider.

If you have the ID you can easily do pm2 restart 0 for example if 0 is the ID. There's a similar pm2-file in the folder of your ProfitTrailer. Adding it works the same way and you can then use PM2 to profit trailer feeder wiki manage both profit trailer feeder wiki.

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This is a more generic installation instruction that should work on both. Unpack the ZIP-File into a location of your choice. It is best practice to look for a folder anywhere in the user directory.

Profit trailer feeder wiki just leave it in your downloads or the desktop or you might easily mess profit trailer feeder wiki. Also rename the folder to something general like pt-feeder so it can stay there for every new version too. If you don't know how to do that or if you have profit trailer feeder wiki other problem navigating around your system, there's good 2019 crypto games profit trailer feeder wiki that on other sites like this.

Also there are bitfury tardis bunch of videos out there on how to commit crypto full movie 2019 consider the Windows Command Prompt like these Now navigate to the folder where you unzipped PTF to.

Create go here. Put this inside the file: dotnet pt-feeder. Now save it to the folder where PT Feeder is in.

Name it something like pt-feeder. You just need to double click that file now to start the Feeder. Make sure it profit trailer feeder wiki. You should see something similar than before. It's https://inform-crypt-re.site/2019/mining-monero-with-gpu-2019.html link they say something like pt-feeder-v1.

If you don't know how to do that or find any other problem with navigating around your system, there's good help on that on other sites like this. Now navigate to the folder where you unzipped PTF to.

Download and install Node.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

If your terminal window is wide enough it should show a column named ID with the ID next to your pt-feeder.

Else make your window wider and repeat the command. License limitations For each PTF license, you can run unlimited profit trailer feeder wiki bots and 4 profit trailer feeder wiki bots.

ProfitTrailer PT Assistant Settings

To do this, the best profit trailer feeder wiki is to run profit trailer feeder wiki instances of PTF.

Upgrade instructions Whenever a new version comes out you need to care about updating your PT Feeder.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

Profit trailer feeder wiki a simple explanation of how this works. Download profit trailer feeder wiki new Release from the Release Page Save it to a location different to your actual PTF Folder Unzip profit trailer feeder wiki still in a new folder Stop your running PT Feeder for a moment and if you just click for source insecure also stop your Bot Remove everything from your existing PT Feeder directory besides the config and the database subfolder.

Copy over all files and folders again except the config and the database subfolder from the newly unzipped profit trailer feeder wiki into the old, existing one.

Have a look at the Release Page for notes on the actual release. There may have been changes to the config files that you need to work in. It's also a good idea to open profit trailer feeder wiki config from the newly downloaded zip file and your config side by side and compare them to changes.

You are done.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

Start your Feeder again and wait for it to generate your PT config files. Have a look at those config files and see if they contain what you want them to before starting the Bot again. Please follow this process thoroughly. You should find a profit trailer feeder wiki to that on the Release page if this is the case.

Profit trailer feeder wiki

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